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Organization Design

Strategia’s Organization Design services transform complex enterprise ecosystems into flexible and agile organizations that can respond to external developments and achieve strategic objectives.

A Trusted Advisor in Organization Design

Over the past few decades, Strategia has helped many businesses translate their corporate strategy into an effective operating model followed by an organizational design for unleashing organizational capabilities. We have experience working with all types of enterprises, from high-growth to post-merger.

A Collaborative, Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach to organization design considers both quantitative and qualitative elements, from a strategic and operational perspective.

We work closely with you to understand how our best practice expertise can be applied to the specific challenges of your organization. To do this, we focus on 4 main questions:

  • What are the implications of your strategy for your operating model
  • How can the existing operating model be improved, and what should the future model look like
  • What are the implications for the 5 organizational elements, and what is their design
  • What is an effective transformation plan for achieving your target organization

Working alongside top management, we help you develop an organizational design and roadmap to support your business strategy and help you achieve your business objectives.