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IT Services

Applications can no longer work alone.
Strategia  has the resources, skill sets and knowledge objects to build the components needed to integrate two or more applications

With our experience and alliances with the major EAI tool vendors, as well as the major application and hardware vendors, Strategia  can take a project from any point in its
lifecycle and complete the work.

Expertise in the major operating systems: Java/JEE, .NET, Open Source

Our rational and...
Whether you are looking to revitalize a business unit or initiate an enterprise-wide transformation, Strategia Consulting accompanies you every step of the way.
We are a global leader in working with clients to significantly transform their organizations, with deep industry expertise in all major sectors. Your team is handpicked from our worldwide network of domain experts to provide the valuable insights and innovative thinking you need for a smooth and successful implementation.

Doing more with less that's business intelligence
Leveraging the power of information
Leading organizations are using their Business Information to shape their destinies and drive sustainable business results. Strategia combines expertise in business intelligence and information management, with the business consulting and transformational capabilities to help organizations leap beyond management information and create an “intelligent enterprise”.





The overall performance of organizations inevitably involves the integration of e-Business into their commercial and relational strategies : e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Marketing, e-Service…
Today, e-Business and the Web are everywhere and are drastically changing practices and organizations by introducing into internal and external relations ever-increasing levels of interactivity and...