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Applications can no longer work alone.


Strategia  has the resources, skill sets and knowledge objects to build the components needed to integrate two or more applications
With our experience and alliances with the major EAI tool vendors, as well as the major application and hardware vendors, Strategia  can take a project from any point in its
lifecycle and complete the work.


Expertise in the major operating systems: Java/JEE, .NET, Open Source
Our rational and highly productive software development methodology that is based on Agile practices and utilizes the Rational Unified Process concepts enables our highly talented and qualified team to define and build solutions that satisfies your actual business requirements, albeit within the constraints of time, environment, business and technical framework.
Supported by their experience, skills and by implementing agile methods ( like Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, etc ) they will provide successful high-quality solutions that add business value and comply with industry standards.