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Business Transformation Design and Delivery

Business transformation programs are complex, value-adding initiatives that often stall and fail to meet expectations. Strategia Consulting facilitates and expedites the transformation process to ensure your company’s long‑term success.

Delivering Business Transformation

Strategia Consulting is the global leader in business transformation. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients accelerate their transformation programs and achieve measurable, sustainable results, based on our proven design principles.

Faster, Sustainable Results

Our Concept & Design approach speeds up your business transformation program and produces faster, more sustainable results.

Stronger Performance

We help you quickly improve your key performance indicators, resulting in higher total revenue, reduced costs and optimized capital deployment.

Mobilization of the Organization

Generating sustainable results requires involving everyone that will be affected by the transformation process. By mobilizing your entire workforce, we facilitate long-term change across your organization.

Our Concept & Design approach accelerates your transformation program. In 12-14 weeks, we jointly produce the major conceptual and design elements needed to prepare your organization for change.

During this period, we work extensively with your executives to set the pace for your transformation. We also create the Transformation Architecture and Design, which serves as a guide for the months ahead.

Eflecting our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and speed, we follow these proven design principles to rapidly produce significant results